Day one:

Today, two almost-telegrams in one attorney's office! Two birthdays, one for the owner, and one for the son. I was to play a naughty nurse, then a cop. I showed up to give the "exam" for the father's birthday and he said "No, I don't do birthdays" and left the building, leaving me and the rest of his employees who paid for it, standing wondering what to do. I left the card on his desk and changed into the cop costume to wait for the son to show up. We successfully fooled him for a few minutes and I did my schtick. Not sure he was very interested in it either. Tough crowd today, that's Show Biz, folks!


Day two:

Today, I drove to Chattanooga TN to sing the Marilyn Monroe birthday song to a 91-year-old in assisted living with dementia, along with his wife. The son hired me and wasn't sure whether his dad would know that I was Marilyn, but also said that his Dad doesn't know him anymore. The birthday boy, whether he knew who I was supposed to be or not, was delighted and complimented me the entire time. I hope I made his day at least. Thanks to his son for giving it a try to make it as fun as possible!

Day three:

Singing telegram - a chicken with a heart on. Yeah, you heard that right. And I sang goofy love songs to a gal whose boyfriend really loves to surprise her and make her laugh, even while working. The security guards at Northside Hospital were especially entertained and gave me a round of applause when I was done.

Day four:

A chicken telegram for a 13-year-old girl's sleepover birthday party in Buckhead. I showed up at the door and birthday girl was afraid to come near me, but we convinced her with all of the other girls, I sang and got her to dance and cluck and then someone was convinced that I was Ellen DeGeneres, so I went with it.

Yep, Ellen came all the way from L.A. to sing in a chicken suit. I then had all the girls taking selfies with me and screaming that they were going to be famous!! I felt oddly happy that I made their night that I was Ellen (like the Beatles, but for this era.) The girls were trying to follow me to my car and I had to tell them that they couldn't do that and my entourage would stop them... Whew.. made it!

Day five:

Two singing telegrams, including a gorilla in a thong bikini twerking, then a cop arresting a husband for the couple's first anniversary. The cop arresting the hubby was nerve wracking but apparently pulled it off I think... pretty cool! She says he was got... and he is never got. He was calm but apparently was really freaked out. Guess my method acting is working!

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