Professional Clowns for Parties and EventsThe face of joy and cheer, clowns have been making children and adults smile for hundreds of years. For party planners and event coordinators, the addition of clowns to your lineup may be just the thing to make your event as special as you want it to be. Hare-Brained Productions works with the best clowning professionals in the industry. If you are ready to hire a clown performer for you event regardless of location, contact us today.

Professional Clowns for Parties and Events

Clowning developed primarily in the 19th and 20th centuries with the rise of the circus clown. The Auguste -type become the standard for clown makeup, comical oversized clothes and shoes, the red nose, and the slapstick comedy. In the late 1950s, Bozo the Clown became popular, eventually landing his own television show that caused clowning to skyrocket in popularity.

What can you expect from a clown at your party or event? Your professional clown will:

  • Entertain your guests with light-hearted slapstick humor
  • Dress in humorous, colorful costumes
  • Perform illusions and tricks to delight the crowd
  • Meet and greet your guests
  • Ventriloquism and puppetry
  • Perform juggling, walking on stilts, and other humorous and exciting antics

Hiring a clown, or group of clowns can provide quality entertainment for a number of different types of events, including:

  • Birthday parties for children (and even adults)
  • Grand openings events or advertising for businesses
  • Corporate family picnics and appreciation parties
  • Graduation celebrations and family reunions
  • School fairs and expos
  • Town events and festivals
  • Greeters and entertainers for special events at zoos, corn mazes, and seasonal entertainment venues
  • Halftime show entertainment at sporting events

The only problem is determining how to ensure you hire a quality entertainer. That is where Hare-Brained Productions comes in to help. We have clowning professionals all over the continental United States ready to serve your entertainment and event needs. You can count on our clown actors to conduct themselves professionally, while being wildly entertaining for your guests. Contact Hare-Brained Productions for more information or to hire a clown today.