Hare-Brained Productions provides all types of face painting, body painting, and balloon sculpting for corporate events, company picnics, festivals, birthday parties, seasonal or themed events.



Our professional face and body painters have been working for many years and not only are face and body painters but also have other types of artistic skills. Many of our painters are portrait and visual artists as well, while quite a few of the painters are also balloon sculptors.

The styles of the artists are slightly different but we can offer any type of painting on the cheek, arm, partial or full face and body. The ideas are endless with only the creativity of the painted to be determined.

There are animal faces, gorgeous flowers, superheroes, monsters, extravagant designs, and really just up to your imagination as to what you would like to have designed on your body.

Depending on your event, it would be helpful to get a general idea of the amount of guests that would be painted. If it is a large number for a corporate event or festival, it is necessary to decide how many painters will be sufficient to handle the crowd.


We can create any type of design and we are only limited by your ideas.

If you are looking for a custom piece for Halloween, Dragon Con, themed party, or another event, the design will determine how much time would be needed for specialty looks.

Some of the designs can take more time than others but zombies, skeletons, werewolves, superheroes, and the like are easily achieved within a reasonable amount of time. Body painting will require much more time and should be considered when providing the design to the artist.

We use only professional stage makeup that is non-toxic, non-allergenic and washes off easily. We also have fixatives available for more extensive face and body painting designs that can help protect the art for a longer period of time.

Balloon sculpting or balloon twisting as it is sometimes called, is a highly sought after art form for events and parties.

IMG_7116-768x1024.jpgWith balloon sculpting, it can be very quick for very large crowds to be entertained and/or can be a very extensive design of your dreams. We have different types of balloon sculptors that can also face paint, have multi-balloon designers which can make balloons into characters, or we have some balloon decor for events such as arches/columns/bouquets.

Hare-Brained Productions has very experienced balloon sculptors who use only quality latex types of balloons for each kind of event. It is always helpful to know what type of balloons you would be interested in, and/or how many guests are looking to be entertained, which would also determine how many sculptors you would need for the event.

Let us know how we can use balloon sculpting and face painting to enhance your festive day, whether it is fun and quick designs or more extensive character and decor.
Check out the gallery for more examples of what we can do. Seen enough? Great! Contact Us and let’s plan your next event.