Fire Breathing for Your Next EventHare-Brained Productions provides party planners with the most exciting entertainers in the country. We have something for every gathering and event from juggling to mysterious magic. One of the most enthralling acts we have is our fire breathers. Fire breathing is second-to-none in intensity and sure to leave your guests mystified.

If you are ready to go ahead and hire a fire-breather for your party or event, contact Hare-Brained Productions.

Fire Breathing for Your Next Event

Fire breathing is an unbelievable spectacle. The highest flame ever recorded went an astounding 26’ 5” in Las Vegas. Like most fire breathers, ours are professionally trained to safely and thoroughly entertain your guests. Talented fire breathing acts will often include other elements like juggling or dancing. However, it is vital to hire only those who have been properly equipped to ensure safety. Hare Brained Productions’ fire breathers:

  • Are professionally trained and experienced
  • Are committed to safety
  • Are going to make sure your audience is engaged and entertained
  • Are located throughout the county.

If you are planning a corporate retreat, office party, festival, pep rally, school assembly, wedding reception, parade, or any other type of event, fire breathing is the perfect addition to set it apart. Your guests will remember it for years to come. You can find our fire breathers in most cities and regions including:

  • New York City fire breathing
  • Las Vegas fire breathing
  • Atlanta fire breathing
  • Orlando fire breathing
  • Chicago fire breathing
  • Dallas fire breathing
  • And everywhere in between

If you have questions or you are ready to make fire breathing a featured part of your next party, contact Hare Brained Productions.