Henna Art for Your EventThe desire of any party and event planner is to leave a lasting mark on attendees. Beautiful Henna Art is an addition to your gathering that people will wear on their bodies for days to come. Henna has been practiced for thousands of years throughout Indian, African and Arabic countries. A paste made of the crushed leaves of the Henna plant is used to decorate the body in beautifully intricate designs.

Designs vary from country to country, and culture to culture. Indian designs consist of fine line patterns of paisley, floral and animals that usually cover the entire surface of the hands and feet.  In contrast, Arabic designs tend to be bolder with more negative space. Henna designs from African countries of Sudan, Egypt and Morocco tend to be more geometric as well as fine-lined.

Henna is temporary body art, wherein a person is temporarily tattooed by safe and dramatic plant dyes. Hare-Brained Productions will help schedule a talented and professional Henna artist to ensure your corporate event or holiday party will be remembered. 

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Henna Art for Your Event

Henna art usually remains for one to three weeks, providing an opportunity for your event attendees to praise the artist and the party you planned. Artists use a paste that is safe and aesthetically pleasing, developing breath-taking designs that are applied to the wearer’s hands, wrists, arms, and other areas. Henna art is perfect for bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, and other one-in-a-lifetime occasions. 

Henna is great for other gatherings as well, including:

  • Birthday parties – especially milestone ages
  • Graduation celebrations and other memorable occasions
  • Festivals 
  • Corporate event and team-building retreats 
  • Summer camps and school assemblies
  • International celebrations 
  • Anniversaries

What event would not be made better by this unique artistic expression? Leave an impression on your guests with one of our skilled Henna artists. You can expect them to be professional, entertaining, and engaging as they help your partygoers engage with the ancients. Hare-Brained Production has Henna artists throughout the United States, from Florida to the Pacific Northwest, Arizona to Maine, and everywhere in between. Contact Hare-Brained Productions today to book your Henna artist or one of our many other talented entertainers.