Petting Zoo for HireWhether you are planning a child’s birthday party or a town festival, the addition of a petting zoo is sure to wow your guests. Petting zoos are fun for kids and adults alike. If you are ready to professional trainers and animals for your party or event, give Hare-Brained Productions a call. Our expert team is here to help make your event memorable.

Petting Zoo for Hire

It can be difficult to find a quality petting zoo for hire in your area. As much fun as a good petting zoo is for your guests, a lackluster or unprofessional one will frustrate them. When looking for one, you may ask questions such as:

  • Are the animals trained well for guest interactions?
  • What happens if a child or adult makes a loud sound?
  • What animals will you bring?
  • Are your animals treated well and fairly?
  • Can small children ride the animals?
  • Will you bring a pony or miniature horse?

Hare-Brained productions works with the best petting zoos in the country to make sure we provide you with the best groups available. You can find our trainers and animals almost anywhere, from Atlanta to Seattle, Florida to New York, and New England to the Southwest. You can count on well-treated animals, expert trainers, and a commitment to safety for all involved.

With a Hare-Brained Productions petting zoo, you can impress guests for a variety of gatherings, including:

  • Town festivals and parades
  • Birthday parties for people of all ages
  • Corn Mazes, Apple and Strawberry-Picking facilities, and other seasonal event sites
  • Corporate picnics and Fourth-of-July Celebrations
  • Graduations
  • Public, Private, and Charter School assemblies

Petting warm, snuggly, cute animals is as much of an American past-time as Baseball and Apple Pie. If you would like to add a petting zoo to your function, event, or party, contact Hare-Brained Productions.