Give your special friend, family or business associate something to remember with a widely entertaining Singing Telegram by Hare-Brained Productions! Book a singing telegram in Atlanta, New York and most metro areas nationwide! Give us a call to schedule today!

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Singing Telegram Occasions

For Birthdays, Get Well, Anniversaries, Congratulations, I Love You/Miss You, Graduation, Bon Voyage, Apologies, New Baby, etc.

Singing Telegram Costumes

All can be personalized with special songs and funny anecdotes. Flowers, balloons, cake, candy etc. can be added to any telegram.

Tux, Pirate, Cop, Cowboy/girl, Vampire, Clown, Tarzan/Jane/Caveman/woman, Biker, Mime or Clown, Doctor/Nurse, Gorilla (and can be dressed in other accessories), Bunny, Angel, Chicken, Baby, Hairy Fairy, Cupid, Heavy Metal Rocker, Redneck (hillbilly), Elf, Toy Soldier, Futuristic or Robot, Fire-eater, Middle eastern, Asian, Renaissance, East Indian, Eras 20’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, Scarecrow, Zombie, Leprechaun, Grim Reaper, Cat in the Hat, etc., or any other idea you might have!


Nurse, Marilyn Monroe, Wonder Woman, Belly dancer, Hula dancer, Cheerleader, Fortune Teller/Gypsy, French Maid, Dorothy, Cleopatra, Dora, Southern Belle, Leprechaun, Showgirl, Tiger, Sexy Mrs. Claus, Witch, Goth girl, Italian Wine Grape Peasant, Era Costumes- 20's, 40's, 50's, 60's , 70's and 80's, etc.


Funny Elvis, , Robo Cop/XMen, Royal Guard, etc.

Singing Telegrams Atlanta (404) 266-9019 and Nationwide